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dream embraces the wise proverb: "It takes a village to raise a child." As a parent, you are not alone in searching for successful pathways for your child.

dream believes the key to creating an equitable and stable world, begins at home, in our community, with each individual being empowered by education to reach their own academic potential and to become a more socially aware and civically responsible member of our global world.

dream assists parents and secondary school teachers with creating a future of possibilities, a future for your child without borders and limitations. dream is currently offered in the community of Dunnville and open only to students of Dunnville Secondary  School. For more information on how your community can adapt dream, contact us.

dream offers your child:
Academic, Social and Financial Support
Four-Year Mentorship Program
Raising awareness-dream's film and speaker series
Global Literacy Program-Ek Balam Mexico

Suggestions for Parents/Guardians:

  • Encourage student success with a positive attitude toward learning
  • Recognize each child has different "intelligences," and may be more apt to learn through alternative curriculum such as action-oriented or arts-based curriculum
  • Assist students with attending mentoring and tutoring sessions
  • Participate in special events that raise self, community and social awareness; set an example for your child—Get Involved! as a member of our Volunteer Parent Group. Contact Mrs. Trudy Williamson, volunteercoordinator@dreamfwb.com
  • Share experiences with other parents on our Message Board for Parents
dream's Academic Tutoring, Special Events and Community Programs, including the Global Literacy Program-Ek Balam, Mexico project are open to all youth and members of the community.

Currently, while mentors and scholarship funds are limited, dream's four-year, comprehensive mentorship program and scholarships are restricted to students most at-risk of not attending a post-secondary trade, college or university program. dream's current enrollment includes over 90 students who will each receive a $1500 scholarship toward their post-secondary tuition upon completion of the program.

To see if your child is eligible for dream's Four-Year Mentorship Program and a $1500 scholarship click on dream Scholarship Form.

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