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What is Mentorship?

Mentorship ProgramA dream mentor facilitates a safe and supportive community that promotes self-awareness and self-esteem and empowers individuals to reach their personal potential

dream's Commitment to Students:

There is more to learning than the acquisition of facts, figures and skill sets. This is why dream mentors are expected to enter into a long-term commitment with students. Usually, this is a four-year commitment commencing with the student's first year of high school until his or her final year.

dream's Philosophy about Mentoring:
Learning is at the core of dream mentoring for both the mentee and the mentor. The ideal dream mentor is a combination of mentor, facilitator and coach. dream mentors understand that "wisdom is not passed from an authoritarian leader to a supplicant student, but is discovered in a learning relationship in which both stand to gain a greater understanding of the workplace and the world"
(Zachary, 3).

The mentor must:

  1. establish a climate conducive to learning
  2. involve students in planning how and what they will learn
  3. encourage student to formulate their own learning objectives
  4. inspire students to utilize a variety of resources to accomplish their learning objectives
  5. help students implement and evaluate their learning
  6. provide a sense of empowerment
  7. explore issues of self-awareness, community awareness, and social awareness through action and responsibility

dream's Mentorship Support:

All dream mentors are supported. Mentors are trained using the arts and multiple intelligence theory to explore issues of self- awareness, community awareness, and social awareness in action. The dream guidebook provides adaptable workshops and activities to engage and to develop students as dependent, independent, and, finally, interdependent individuals. Mentors also receive support from fellow mentors at our on-line Mentor Message Board.

For more information on how to become a dream mentor see
Get Involved! as a Community Mentor or Student Mentor and Mentor Application Form.

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