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How to Help--Get Involved!

Mentorship Program Everything is Possible....If you dream! Become a member of dream as a:

Community Mentor:
recruits 4 new mentors each year who are responsible for facilitating mentorship sessions twice monthly. Mentors receive access to lesson plans, workshop materials, evaluation forms, a mentorship training manual and advisors. To volunteer as a community mentor see Mentor Application Form and What is Mentorship?

Student Mentor:
recruits over 8 student mentors each year who participate fully in mentorship sessions as an equal member of the group. Student mentors are individuals who have already demonstrated strong academic, community or school leadership skills. Their responsibility is to assist in fostering and inspiring such skills amongst peers. To volunteer as a student mentor see Mentor Application Form and What is Mentorship?

Academic Tutor:
Interested in sharing your expertise with others? Volunteer as a dream Academic Tutor. Tutoring sessions are held twice weekly at Dunnville Secondary School. Tutors are responsible for assisting with homework and exam preparation and facilitating communication with classroom teachers. Exceptional senior secondary students are paid $10/hr as a tutor. For community members, academic tutoring is a volunteer position.

Workshop Leader:
dream offers a series of workshops and social action working groups to students each year. Workshops cover a wide variety of topics ranging from essay writing and money management to preserving our environment and international travel.  If you like to deliver a guest workshop or share specialized knowledge with students on a social action issue, contact us.

dream offers a variety of volunteer positions in the fields of communications, marketing, management, event planning, fundraising and website maintenance. To volunteer as a member of the dream team, or to join the Volunteer Parent Committee, contact dream’s Volunteer Coordinator, Mrs. Trudy Williamson.

Fundraising Committee Member - In October 2006, dream will launch its second individual donor drive: Empowering Youth with Possibilities, 2006-2007 Campaign! Last year's drive was a huge success, raising over $140,000 from individual donors and local businesses. dream would like to extend a sincere thank you to all its generous donors. But, this fundraising was only a start. To keep our scholarship commitment to students, we need your help! If you would like to serve as an advisory or active member of dream's Fundraising Committee contact Roy Schofield, roy@dreamfwb.com

Business Sponsor - For businesses, dream offers a variety of sponsorship options that not only provide you with unique goodwill advertising and positive public relations opportunities, but also enable you to take action in your community, to set an example of your leadership and commitment to the community. Sponsorship options range from co-hosting a month of special events and sponsoring any number of student scholarships to gifting goods and services in-kind and establishing a dream Scholarship in your business name. For more information on how your business can help empower our young leaders see dreams Donation Card Empowering Youth with Possibilities, 2006-2007 Campaign! and/or contact reza@dreamfwb.com.

Individual Donor - For individual donors, dream offers a variety of opportunities to suit your gifting level. Our most popular option is a commitment of $500/year for 4 years which sponsors one student in the dream program. If desired, individual donors will have an opportunity to meet with the student they are sponsoring throughout the program and will be able to present the scholarship at the student's graduation. Other options include sponsoring any number of students and/or establishing a dream scholarship in your family name, or in memory of a loved one. dream welcomes both large and small donations. For more information see dreams Donation Card Empowering Youth with Possibilities Campaign! and/or contact barbara@dreamfwb.com.

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