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The dream Team

Mentorship Programdream is a registered, not-for-profit organization, managed by a volunteer Board of Directors—Marlene Hoover, Dr. Barbara Falco-Kazemi, and Dr. Reza Kazemi—with the assistance of advising partners.

Advising and Fundraising partners of dream:

Mike McLaghlin (Legal)

Joanne Jackson (Mentorship)

Julia Blushak (Design)

Judy O'Neill (Mentorship)

Stephen Cowan

Debbie VanGrieken (Mentorship)

The Rotary Club of Dunnville, in partnership with dream, was the receipt of an Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant of $69,000 to develop mentorship curriculum, a training manual, video and fundraising materials. The curriculum manual is now available to any group who would like to start a mentorship program in their community.

dream is also the recipient of a HRSDC-Summer Career Placement Grant.

dream has received the support of the Grand Erie District School Board that supplies a Board Superintendent who acts as an advisor and liaison.

dream also works in partnership with all local elementary and secondary schools. Dunnville Secondary School Principal, Greg Carruthers, Guidance Counsellor, Donna McMahon, and several teachers work closely with the program.

dream has recruited volunteer mentors who manage the twice monthly mentorship sessions—Jane Collins, Reza Kazemi, Lee Smith, and Candace Stern for the Class of 2008; Steve Allen, Reza Kazemi and Joanne Jackson for the class of 2009; Marlene Hoover and Debbie VanGrieken for the class of 2010. Judy O’Neill, Petra Daly, Dave Cole, and Lynn Jackson for the class of 2011. Barbara Kazemi and Debbie Van Grieken for the class of 2012. Reza Kazemi, Rob Lamothe, Joanne Jackson and Tanya Mazur for the class of 2013. Barb Kazemi, Debbie Van Grieken, and Judy O’Neill for the class of 2014, and Fran Porter, Gina McIntee and Mike Reid for the class of 2015.

dream has received the sponsorship of Target Internet Development Corporation who assists with the development and maintenance of dream's website.
dream has attracted the research interest of York University's Department of Education. The University has appointed a full-time faculty member and a graduate student to track progress and results of the mentorship program.

dream also receives gift-in-kind support from community partners: Grandview Lodge Long Term Care Facility, Dunnville Public Library, Dunnville Secondary School, Salvation Army of Dunnville, and St. Leonard Community Services.

To become a member of the dream community click on: How to Help-Get Involved! as a Community Mentor, Student Mentor, Academic Tutor, Workshop Leader, Volunteer, or as a Business Sponsor or Individual Donor.

See our Sponsors page for a current list of the community organizations and individuals who help make dream possible. Support our partners in empowering youth with possibilities; click here to download your own donation card. Mail your contribution today and join us in creating a future without borders!"

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