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Goals and Objectives of dream

Mentorship Program

  • to create a world where all students have equal access to post-secondary education

  • to empower youth to reach their potential by providing academic, social and financial support of $1500 upon graduation for post-secondary tuition

  • to hone self-awareness, community awareness, social awareness, leadership and global literacy skills in youth and the community at large

  • to build a community's capacity to better its youth

  • to reduce the high school drop out rate, currently at 32% in Ontario

  • to challenge statistics that currently label youth of parents who have not attended post-secondary as being most "at risk." For more information see Kimberley A. Schonert-Reichl's "Some Conceptual Considerations of Risk" (University of British Columbia, 2000).

  • to foster a more highly skilled labour force that will make Canada more competitive in an ever-increasing global marketplace

  • to stimulate social, cultural, and educational development

  • to value teaching and learning and create an awareness of the vital role mentoring can play in a community

  • to meet the call from education specialists for more international "field school" programs that reduce students' fears of global travel; inspire the study of international relations and second languages; and, better prepare youth for the complexities of the 21st century

  • to provide students, and the community at large, with volunteer opportunities

  • to challenge local and global injustices, to foster critical thinking skills and to encourage action, "do-able solutions" in which people can act locally to solve larger global issues

  • to encourage community participation in special events and civic responsibility in creating leaders of tomorrow: "It takes a village to raise a child"

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