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Academic Support

Mentorship Programdream supplies free tutors, twice weekly to all students in the community in need of assistance. The tutors are available for homework and exam preparation and facilitate communication with classroom teachers. Students need not be enrolled in the four-year curriculum program in order to take advantage of this academic support. For more information on dates and locations see Calendar of Events.

Social Support:

Students enrolled in dream's four-year mentorship program are required to attend mentoring sessions two times per month. The groups consist of 10-12 students, 2 peer mentors from grades 11 and 12, and an adult mentor from the community. dream mentors are trained facilitators who create a safe and supportive community that promotes self-awareness and self-esteem and empowers individuals to reach their personal potential. For more information see Mentorship Program.

Financial Support:

Students enrolled in the four-year curriculum program will receive a scholarship towards post-secondary education at any publicly funded trade school, college or university. As well, the students receive incentives per term in grades 9, 10 and 11 for fulfilling their obligations to their mentorship program. Students are not removed from the program on the basis of marks, but are encouraged to attend tutoring sessions to reach a goal of 70% and higher in their secondary school pursuits. For more information of how to apply to dream's mentorship program see Scholarship Form.

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